"we're crazy about perfect lawns."


An often ignored problem and a vital part of healthy grass.  Thatch suffocates your lawn, let us get rid of it.


Let your lawn breathe. Proper aeration annually is a must for healthy, happy lawns.


If your trees and shrubbery are getting out of control give us a call, we will trim, cut and shape them back to their best.


The fastest way to have perfect grass is to start fresh with a brand new lawn.

​lawn renovations

Is you lawn becoming more weeds than grass? Let us help your grass fight back and reclaim your lawn.


spring / fall

Get your yard ready for a summer of outdoor enjoyment. Deal with all those pesky leaves that cover the ground when autumn arrives.

Trees & Shrubs

planting / removing

Looking to add more greenery? We can help. Existing plant not in the perfect location? We can move it. Dead tree turning into an eyesore? We'll take care of it.


Annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees. If you want it put in the ground, we can put it there.

Garden Beds


What good is a perfect lawn if you have a garden bed full of weeds? Lucky for you we can help.


Greener, healthier grass is the goal. That starts with eliminating pesky weeds and allowing grass to grow.

Lawn Care


A perfectly manicured lawn starts with weekly care. We cut the lawn, we trim around the edges and obstacles, we blow off all walkways and driveways. 

Our Services